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The heart and cardiovascular system need to be in their top form all the time, day and night. An active life and a heart-friendly diet are two of the best forms of support, but a targeted supplemental regimen can play a major role as well. Carefully selected nutrients provide strong support for healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, vascular elasticity, antioxidant strength, and overall cardiovascular function.*

Supports healthy levels already within normal range

Cardiovascular Products

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A•D•K2 Cardio Health™* from EuroMedica®

Active B Complex from EuroMedica®

Berberine 500 mg from EuroMedica®

Berberine Ultra Absorption from EuroMedica®

Clinical OPC® from EuroMedica®

CoQ10 100 mg from EuroMedica®

CuraPro® from EuroMedica®

EurOmega-3® from EuroMedica®

Healthy Cholesterol and Triglycerides*†

Heme Iron Complex by EuroMedica®

Learn More About GammaSorb™ by EuroMedica

Magnesium + P-5-P

ProHydra-7™ from EuroMedica®

Quercetin plus Vitamin C from EuroMedica®

Vitamin D3 from EuroMedica®