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Men’s Health

While there are always essential nutrients that everyone needs, there are also aspects of health unique to men. Male patients looking to add a basic daily regimen, bladder or prostate supporting botanicals, or formulas specific to supporting sexual performance and libido, can greatly benefit from targeted recommendations and clinically studied ingredients.*

Men’s Health Products

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Bladder Manager™ from EuroMedica®

DIM + Curcumin from EuroMedica®

Essential Multivitamin from EuroMedica®

EurOmega-3® from EuroMedica®

Learn More About GammaSorb™ by EuroMedica

Male Sexual Health from EuroMedica

Melatonin 10 mg from EuroMedica®

Prostate & PSA Support* from EuroMedica®

Tart Cherry

Vitamin D3 from EuroMedica®